How to quit smoking- Coaching program

United Kingdom
Recent surveys have shown that while some countries are seeing a decline in smoking, unfortunately parts of the undeveloped and developing world are seeing an increase and rise in smoking as tobacco companies go where they are not restricted as much.
New figures show that throughout the world, passive smoking absolutely contributes to premature death, as well as smoking. Because of this, calls for smoking bans are taking hold in many countries, including the U.S. and the U.K.
Despite the horrible effects of smoking on smokers and those around them, tobacco companies continue to be allowed to operate in and cultivate tobacco in the U.S. The money trail speaks for itself. Tobacco companies make big money. Capitalism rules and lives are harmed as a result.
But we cannot change this. Tobacco companies will probably never be stopped. Therefore, if you are hooked, you need to make the choice to quit yourself, before your life and health get worse.
You are so used to the taste and feeling of smoking, to everything about it that controls you. That makes it all that harder to quit.
“The best way to quit is to have a coach to help you fight cravings and guide you through understanding the differences in reducing your amount of smoking and quitting altogether. With my information I will help take the mystery out of how some people quit smoking while others fight it their whole life.” Sais Rene Bruun Lauritsen.

About Company
If you just determine that you are going to make this big change in your life for your health and for your family, you have already won half the battle.
At http://howtoquitsmoking.today/ you will be getting coaching giving up a habit that has become such a big part of your life. It’s a hard thing to do and you need all the help you can get.

Rene Bruun Lauritsen
Coaching International
Address: 72 New Bond Street, London, W1Y 9DD, United Kingdom
Phone: + 44 207 514 9900
Email: info@howtoquitsmoking.today


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