Roger’s Plumbing introduces a ‘Happy Today Or You Don’t Pay’ policy

United States

Roger’s Plumbing is a highly regarded plumbing company that has been serving commercial and residential clients in Austin, Texas since 1994.  Renowned for its customer-oriented business approach, the company has always emphasized its commitment and dedication to achieving absolute customer satisfaction through excellent service delivery.  In this light, the company has decided to guarantee customer satisfaction by introducing a new quality based payment guideline: the “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” policy.
Roger’s Plumbing has released a new customer-oriented payment standard.  Dubbed and trademarked by the company as the “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” policy, the newly launched offer exempts unsatisfied plumbing clients from paying service charges.  According to the company’s website, clients will be charged only if they are fully satisfied with all aspects of the plumbing services provided.  Surprisingly, clients are advised to evaluate all of the following factors to determine whether they are satisfied with the quality of services provided or not: technical performance with regard to the actual plumbing solution/fix implemented, the behavior/etiquette of the technicians, and fair pricing practices (amount charged in relation to the plumbing service).  Notably, all clients must be offered upfront pricing and all service charges must be based on the company’s “Straight-Forward Pricing Guide” to ensure fair pricing.
Determined to uphold its unwavering vision of achieving and maintaining service excellence, Roger’s Plumbing has introduced another amazing operational policy to enhance customer gratification.  Launched under the company’s other astounding policy, the “110% Customer Satisfaction” guarantee, the new policy outlines several instances where the client is exempted from service charges due to bad behavior by onsite technicians.  The company’s website explicitly declares “free” plumbing services for all unsatisfied customers.  Alternatively, the company promises to stay on-site until the client is fully satisfied.  Apparently, the customer should evaluate all the technical, social and financial aspects of the plumbing service before making a payment.  According to the company’s founder, Roger L. Patterson, all his staff is highly trained in all these issues and hence poor performance is inexcusable — it can only mean negligence and imprudence on the technician’s part.

About Company
After serving the Lone Star state for more than two decades, Roger’s Plumbing has earned a solid reputation for its “customer-first” business model.  The company provides many plumbing services including drain cleaning, sewer line inspection, repair and maintenance, and other routine plumbing tasks, such as leakage repairs, fixture installations and upgrades, and water heater repair and replacement/upgrade among others.  Additionally, the company provides 24/7 emergency plumbing services to clients in all its standard service areas at no extra charges.  Roger’s Plumbing has always focused on enhancing the quality of technical and customer support services it provides.  Of late, the company has earned statewide recognition for its superior technical services and its impeccable customer support.  After being extolled by industry analysts and reviewers like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for maintaining an impeccable service record, Roger’s Plumbing is now appreciated by a myriad of clients from all over the state and revered by all its peers in the plumbing industry. For more customer service policies, details, and to see the BBB review, visit

Roger’s Plumbing, Inc.
Address: 815 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701, United States
Phone: (512) 259-5754


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