IFastPCB announces uptdated specifications and capabilities of Rigid Flex PCB for global wholesale market

China – iFastPCB, a global wholesale market leader for all sorts of PCB prototyping, PCB manufacturing and PCB fabrication, recently updated their rigid flex specifications and capabilities. The owners of the Shenzhen, China based company recently announced that their rigid flex PCB or printed circuit boards have been traditionally used in military and aerospace industries. With many years of glorious industry presence, the company now aims to be instrumental in other sectors as well with their specialized rigid flex PCB prototyping services.
“We have been offering advanced and sophisticated rigid flex PCB prototyping services along with advanced PCB technologies that help us in prototyping and manufacturing printed circuit boards for a variety of industries with high precision and reliability. We have very powerful PCB prototyping capabilities now”, a senior executive from iFastPCB announced during a press meet held here in Shenzhen. He hinted that their products can now be used in critical and sophisticated applications.
“Interested ones can just upload their PCB design files to get free quotes online. We just request our prospective clients to convert their file formats into compatible file formats”, he added.
The rigid flex printed circuit board manufacturers are known for their fast turnaround and significant cost savings which they offer to their prospective clients. Besides, the China based PCB manufacturing, prototyping and fabrication service provider has also earned respect and trust from investor communities and wholesale buyers for their dedicated customer service team and uninterrupted post-sales service.

About Company
iFastPCB is a China based manufacturer of rigid flex PCB and other types of printed circuit boards.
“Precision and accuracy lie at the core of our business vision and operating standards. Also, we offer no-obligation quotes to our prospective buyers so that they can check quotes from multiple manufacturers without committing to one or the other. Not just aerospace or military applications, but we intend to spread our capabilities beyond these two sectors”, the executive commented while demonstrating the example stack-up of a six layer rigid flex PCB prototype at a trade fair organized in Shenzhen, where the main manufacturing facility and office of the company is located. t The company is now aiming at increasing total export volume by at least 20% by the end of the current fiscal year.
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Street name Jintai Xilu, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100026, China


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