ID Card Workshop 4.6 has been released, Added PDF417 barcode support

United States
The world’s leading ID card software provider – ID Card Workshop Team (A division of PixelApp Ltd) today announces the release of ID Card Workshop 4.6.
ID Card Workshop is a professional but affordable membership management and ID card software. It enables businesses and organizations to establish their loyalty programs, membership reward systems, visitor tracking systems and any other kinds of photo ID systems.
The version 4.6 has added many new features and improved performance. “It is a major update for ID Card Workshop” said Alex Li, the director of the team, “We have added a lot of new features to the software, including: PDF417 barcode support – allows users to insert PDF417 barcode in card designer to produce ID cards with PDF417 barcode. Pre-defined and default values settings for fields in enrollment feature. Added ‘after enroll’ event for scripting feature – enables users to execute javascripts to modify database content automatically based on custom business logic once after id cards are being printed. Beside for all these new features, we also improved data fetching speed when using MS SQL database. ”
List Of New Features And Improvements:
New Features:
Added PDF417 barcode support
Added Chinese support
Added Pre-defined and default values settings in enrollment feature
Added ‘after enroll’ event for scripting feature
Fixed some mirror bugs.
Improved data fetching speed when using MS SQL database

About Company
About ID Card Workshop:
ID Card Workshop is an all-in-one membership management and id card software, it enables users to create ID cards, staff cards, membership cards and manage membership data with its inbuilt database management and verification features.
To learn more information and download the free trial version of ID Card Workshop, visit:

PixelApp Ltd
Phone: 1-888-263-2798
Address: Suite 2200, One American Place, 301 Main Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 70801


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