Tax Preparation Examiner Reveals What to Do if 2016 W-2 Forms are Missing

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While most people get their W-2 forms by the end of January, tax preparation expert Frank Ellis explains what to do if this important form is missing. The article says the form has all the information about one’s income and taxes withheld from their paychecks. Ellis recommends giving employers until the middle of February, and offers steps for taxpayers who haven’t received it by then.
First, he says to search for the W-2 online . Many companies make it available this way so preparing and submitting a tax return is faster. One can start filing as soon as they find their W-2 online. Another option is to contact the employer and ask for a copy of the form, or whether the address in question is on file. If the form is not obtained by February 23, one should contact the IRS directly, Ellis says. He then lists all the information a taxpayer should provide to them.
The author also emphasizes that one must still file by the April 15 deadline. Form 4852 can be used if one is filing without a W-2, or Form 4868 can be submitted to request a six-month extension. If a W-2 arrives late, a separate from can be used to amend the return.

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Also explained is the new health insurance form for those who purchase health insurance from the Marketplace. Ellis discusses a few points about Form 1095-A, then refers the reader to the File My Taxes Online website to find downloadable tax forms . He ends the article with the perks of online tax filing and the ability of online services to import W-2 information automatically.
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Frank Ellis is a Traverse City Tax Preparation Planner and published author. He has written tax and finance related articles for eight years and has published over 900 articles on leading financial websites.

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