U-Ring Novel Flash Drive for iPhone Offering Secure and Convenient Grip Coming on Kickstarter

United States

FFT Innovations LLC announced the launch of a product made specifically for iPhones called U-Ring. It is a high quality product that can help all iPhone users in using their mobile phones while doing multitasking.
The U-Ring is a novel flash drive made and specifically designed for iPhones. The design of the flash drive allows it to be easily attached to the back of the phone through a magnet base. The benefit of the U-Ring is that stylized ‘Ring’ of the flash drive promotes for a more secure and convenient grip even especially for one-handed phone operations.
There are a number of brilliant features that the U-Ring comes with. For one, the user data is secured and protected by both password authentication as well as fingerprint. One of the biggest frustrations of iPhone users is not having enough storage and that’s what the U-Ring is designed to solve. The U-Ring is an external hard drive that is quite different that the usual external drives users can find.
Even with external hard drives, it is still easy for iPhone users to forget or lose theirs. But with U-Ring , these problems can be solved at once because of the external drive’s magnetic base. U-Ring comes with the basic functions of the usual thumb drive like easy transfer of files but in addition to that, it is designed to be attached to the back of the user’s phone that they never have to worry about losing it.
Along with multiple innovative functions, the U-Ring is also a fashionable item to adorn one’s phone. The ring structure of the thumb drive is designed so one-handed phone operations become a lot easier for the phone user. At the same time, this makes it less likely for anyone to drop their phone accidentally. The Ring may also function as a stand or support for the phone whenever one needs to.

About Company
But these are not the only functionalities that makes U-Ring an amazing iPhone item. As a thumb drive, it boasts of its security features that consist of double encryption, fingerprint and password, so the user will never have to worry about people stealing information from their thumb drive. The security and added functionality of the U-Ring makes it one of the best hard drives ever designed for iPhone.
U-Ring is coming on soon. Please visit now and subscribe with your name and email address, so you will be notified in the first place once the campaign starts. Early birds will get a 64G U-Ring flash drive and a magnetic ring base for only $49. Do not miss it out!

Company Name: FFT Innovations
Contact Person: Max Tang
Address: 3358 Aqua Ridge Way, Tallahassee Florida USA


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