Airwheel electric scooter with bluetooth app control, making contribution to our living environment

Los Angeles
United States
We can’t leave behind a battered earth for future generation. If you have a child, you must hope that he or she can experience what you did in your childhood, but what’s left? You’re really willing to leave behind the grey sky for them? No, we should leave behind a bright future for the next generation. Let Airwheel intelligent power scooter set off a wave of low carbon life.
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Airwheel eco-friendly electric scooter is driven by the magnetic levitation motor. In order to eliminate emissions from vehicles, it uses green resource electricity instead of fuel. Most models of electric scooter consume about 1 kwh per hundred kilometers, and it shows that Airwheel has implemented the eco-friendly idea.
As for young people, cool means advanced and high quality. Airwheel electric walkcar uses the top technology, material and fantastic design, which shows young men an intelligent scooter with both future technology and fashion. It also provides them with high quality everyday life and help them pursue the perfect life. At the same time, it is necessary to popularize the culture of intelligent scooters. Young men, the energetic and studious group, can help electric scooter spread to the public. It will be a fashion trend and lead to change the way of travel.

About Company
All models of Airwheel use the original imported lithium battery and well-known Tyre. The high-quality accessories can reduce the breakdown ration and ensure drivers’ safety. Meanwhile, Airwheel fast 2-wheeled electric scooter is pursuing harmony between human and machine in intelligent scooters. For users’ optimal comfort, the core team of Airwheel improves the products with developing technology, making tens of thousands of times adjustments of details, radians and thickness of the scooter body.
Let’s reduce the burden of the earth, and be the performers and propagandists of green travel with Airwheel electric scooter to create a green future.

Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Address: Los Angeles, CA, USA, 9001


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