Dr. Michael Rothman Releases A What Is Metabolically Directed Wellness Video Blog

Spring Lake
United States

Spring Lake, NJ – Dr. Michael Rothman, New Jersey’s premier holistic physician, has released a new video, “What is Metabolically Directed Wellness” to dicuss his approach to medicine and how it’s different than general practitioners (GP) or other holistic doctors.
“Let’s say you’re a 50 year old woman, for an example. You are experiencing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, anxiety, or insomnia. Your GP may prescribe some medication to help with the discomfort, but the next day you feel drugged. The problem is that your doctor didn’t treat what was wrong with you, just your symptoms. ”– Dr. Michael Rothman, MDWellness
Dr. Rothman is adamant that when your doctor doesn’t determine what was causing your problem, the problem remains, and the underlying problem remains. Instead, our medical system has gotten so acclimated to treating symptoms with presctiptions, but in turn you may side effects from the medication. And those side effects can be treated with more prescriptions. This viscious cycle can be plaguing the balance in your hormonal and metabolic systems. As a patient of Dr. Rothman, you can experience a treatment plan in which he measures your full body chemistry to see if any of your symptoms are a byproduct of an internal imbalance.
“Before I administer any supplement or any drug or any hormoneto a patient, I want to know how this is going to affect the patient from a big picture, how is it going to effect you overall .” – Dr. Michael Rothman, MDWellness
Dr. Rothman has created the “One-on-One” video series to be short discussions of commons problems that he has discovered in over two decades of medical practice. His holistic approach and often revolutionary perspectives on health have been proven time and again to be healthful and correct through the lives of thousands of patients that he works with.

About Company
Over the last 20 years, Dr. Michael E. Rothman has dedicated his life to helping his patients understand the “how and why” of their health. He strives to provide the highest quality care utilizing natural, holistic, non-toxic methods. Dr. Rothman has an extensive background in Nutrition, Biochemistry, Physiology and Physics. This NJ holistic doctor is highly respected by his peers and is loved by his patients.
If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Michael Rothman MD at 732-268-7663 or email at

Michael Rothman MD
Telephone: 732-268-7663
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