New SaaS Company Supports Retail Brands with User-Friendly MAP Monitoring and Management

United States
It’s not uncommon for large retail brands to collaborate with smaller online resellers operating on Amazon and eBay; however, the challenge of monitoring the selling activity of dozens of resale partnerships can be as frustrating as it is time-consuming. The SaaS company, Trade Vitality, recently launched a new monitoring software to help major retail chains monitor, identify, and contact MAP policy violators – saving brands and distributors significant time and money on this daunting task.
“Our new suite of tools offers unprecedented data quality for MAP policy monitoring and management,” said Cofounder and CEO, Daniel Relich. “This program was designed with retail brands and distributors in mind – to protect brands while maintaining seller profit margins.”
M.A.P. is an acronym for Minimum Advertised Price. MAP policies play an important role in the marketing strategy of today’s most successful retail brands.
“It’s a challenge for major retail chains to keep track of their branded products once they’re distributed to a reseller. Often, it’s even harder for these brands to monitor the online activity of resellers to ensure they are abiding by the brand’s MAP policy. Our program is designed to help reduce the stress and worry by monitoring this information for our clients, notifying them when violations occur, and simplifying the process of contacting violators to correct the issue,” said Relich.

About Company
Prior to SaaS innovations in MAP policy monitoring, many major brands and retailers were forced to manually monitor product pricing online. This required additional staff for large companies and robbed resources from smaller companies. Countless hours of scouring the vast web of online selling platforms proved futile, and is now viewed as an antiquated approach to monitoring one’s retail brand online.
“It’s simply an outdated system. Our program is better, faster, and more accurate than the former monitoring methods,” Relich said.
For more information about Trade Vitality, or to sign up for a free trial of their MAP policy monitoring and management services, visit or call 800-801-0536.

Chantelle Buffie
Trade Vitality, LLC
Address: 340 S. Lemon Ave #8675, Walnut, CA 91789
Phone: 800.801.0536


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