Airwheel A3 Opens a New Chapter for Intelligent Electric self balancing scooters Market

Los Angeles
United States
Airwheel convened new product announcement in 2015 and published A3 sitting-posture electric scooter. Its sleek figure and unique design style are highly praised by on-the-spot audiences. It opens a new chapter for self-balancing scooter market by entirely-new design concept and injects fresh blood to electric scooter sector. A3 self-balancing scooter thoroughly overturns the traditional concept and opens a new chapter for self-balancing electric scooter market in brand-new gesture.
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In order to provide riders a light-hearted riding experience, Airwheel R&D team decided to change the inherent design concept and turned to sitting-posture riding mode. It is a historical innovation, which is helpful to expand the consumer base. For example, women and the elderly who are restricted by limited physical strength prefer Airwheel A3 saddle-equipped electric scooter to other types. Airwheel A3 also opens a good beginning for A-series.
The better flexibility and convenience also offer riders an amazing riding experience. The seat of Airwheel A3 intelligent power scooter is 740mm high from the ground, so even most women can be riding easily with one foot touching the ground to achieve the driving security and stability. The anti-skidding pedal made of stainless steel that is sturdy, safe and resistant to abrasion, improves the entire riding experience. Moreover, riders can feel the steering-like experience due to the sitting-posture design and the large display screen.

About Company
In order to provide more riding comforts, the seat is equipped with original hydraulic suspension, reducing the force of bumps on rutty roads. Airwheel A3 electric scooter with seat enjoys very high safety guarantee, because it is equipped with advanced electronic brake system, which attracts a large number of consumers. This system guarantees a quick and strong brake with a 50mm stopping distance, which effectively lowers down the accident rate.
The designed APP is another highlight of Airwheel A3 electric walkcar, which can be downloaded from Airwheel official website and installed in the phone. Then, riders can get to know the real-time data, including mileage, uptime, and battery residual and current speed, of self-balancing scooter via the phone intuitively.

Company Name: Airwheel Holding Limited
Contact Person: Eric
Address: Los Angeles, CA, USA


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