AskBeach Reveals an Easy and Convenient Way of Finding Beaches around the World

An ideal beach vacation is something that most travelers have on their minds. Sun-kissed sands, pristine waters, soulful music, mouth watering food, exotic cocktails and a few water sports: they want it all. There are hundreds of options when it comes to selecting a beach for their dream vacation: that is exactly where comes in. It is a website containing comprehensive information about the best beaches in the world. Travelers wanting to find a beach would typically run a beaches search on a search engine. AskBeach allows them to find the best beaches by beach names, location, facilities available, stay options and nearby places of interest. They also have details about all the beaches like latest pictures, updated weather information and travel directions to the location.
Social media has encouraged frequent travelers to come out and share their experiences with the fellow travelers. This has resulted in an uncontrolled flow of information, so it has become impossible to differentiate between a review, a paid article or a blog and an unbiased informative article. Reliability of such data is highly questionable. In today’s times finding reliable information without feeling the need of cross-checking it is rare. With, travelers can be assured of well researched and up-to-date information about the best beaches in the world since it is a portal dedicated to beaches. At the time of going to press, they have a list of 176 best beaches from around the world. Spanning the entire globe, this is the most comprehensive list the traveling community can find about the best beaches to visit.
The Bondi beach in Sydney, Australia, Copacabana beach in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Shoal Bay beach in Anguilla, Caribbean, Matira beach in Bora Bora, French Polynesia, Cocoa Island Beach in Maldives, Pattaya Beach in Thailand and Clear Water Beach in Florida, USA are few of the beaches listed on their portal. These are one of the best beaches in the world listed on They have not merely focused on the popularity vote but have also considered the traveler experience. The geographical spread of these beaches can assure a traveler of finding a great beach at any location that he/she wishes to travel to.
The portal has a simple search engine which helps visitors search for beaches according to their convenience. AskBeach understands that travelers have different tastes and moods. Some travelers want to indulge in water sports while some might want to explore the aquatic world by scuba diving. All they need is a list of beaches that have the shoreline to make these facilities available. provides an unbiased view of beaches around the world listing all facilities and activities available at each location.
They have also taken care to mention additional information like must visit spots, nightlife, accommodation options and geographical or cultural aspects that travelers need to know before visiting. However, they have taken enough care not to overemphasize on any point. Home-stays or cheaper accommodations around the beach locations are duly highlighted too. On clicking the name of a particular beach, the site provides an overview of the beach along with the facilities available.

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Any traveler would agree to the fact that finding out too much about a place before visiting it kills the surprise element and the thrill. AskBeach recognizes that and the information made available on their portal is concise and cover the basic information needed before making a travel decision. The site assists travelers in searching for the best beaches in the world, provides necessary and relevant information about the location, updates on weather and provides directions to reach the place.
While there are many sites claiming to provide this information, the website keeps it simple and to the point. A neat and crisp portal, devoid of the unnecessary information and a team dedicated to providing updated and relevant information about beaches makes a must visit the site to find a beach.

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