Austin Plumber, Roger’s Plumbing, Launches 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services

United States

Roger’s Plumbing is a customer-driven plumbing company that has operated in Austin, Texas, for more than two decades. Due to its focus on veritable customer satisfaction, the family owned and operated company has enjoyed impressive growth and outstanding business success in the Lone Star state since it was founded by Roger L. Patterson in 1994. In line with its founding vision, the company has launched 24/7 emergency plumbing services, which will be available to all clients at no extra charges.
Over the years, Roger’s Plumbing has introduced some remarkable customer-oriented business products for its plumbing clients in Texas, such as the “110% Customer Satisfaction” guarantee, the upfront pricing policy and the “Straight-Forward Pricing Guide.” Recently, the company added another astonishing product to this amazing list: 24/7 emergency plumbing services. According to the company’s website, whether it’s late at night, on a weekend, or during a public holiday, the company will respond ASAP to any emergency service call, and there will be no extra charges for the requested emergency plumbing services.
Roger’s Plumbing promises to respond to any emergency plumbing calls immediately. After the call goes through, the client will be connected to a very understanding and competent customer support employee, who will assess the nature of the plumbing problem based on the information shared by the customer. The customer care representative will then coordinate with the company’s technical plumbing team for dispatch. Subsequently, a team of expert technicians will arrive at the client’s home or business premises in clearly marked company vehicles and in neat company branded uniforms. They will inspect and assess the plumbing fault promptly, efficiently, and in detail and then prescribe the best possible solution. The client will be informed of all the charges before the project commences and then the technicians will get to work. Like in all its other projects, Roger’s Plumbing will uphold all the operational guidelines discussed below in its emergency plumbing services. Details can be found at
Roger’s Plumbing guarantees an unbelievable 110% Customer Satisfaction level in all these areas. If the client is completely satisfied with all these things, he/she can proceed to pay for the plumbing services; else no payment for services.

About Company
According to the company’s website, Roger’s Plumbing maintains a team of highly skilled plumbing technicians, who are capable of handling any type of project regardless of its nature or size including general plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, and sewer line inspection and repair. Moreover, the company’s entire workforce is trained in customer interaction etiquette. In fact, the company adheres to a very curious but gallant operational guideline, the “Happy Today or You Don’t Pay” policy. Launched under the equally amazing “110% Customer Satisfaction” guarantee, the policy exempts unsatisfied customers from being charged for any services provided by the company. To ensure full gratification, the client is supposed to evaluate all of the following performance factors before paying: social performance (client-technician interactions and workforce mannerisms), financial practices (upfront pricing based on the company’s “Straight-Forward Pricing Guide” to ensure fair pricing), and technical competence (the technical suitability, efficiency and effectiveness of the plumber in relation to the plumbing problem).

Roger L. Patterson
Roger’s Plumbing, Inc.
Address: 815 Brazos Street, Austin, TX 78701, United States
Phone: (512) 259-5754


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