Sullivan Building & Design Discovers New Porch Screening System

United States

Sullivan Building & Design, a local Talbot County building and design company based in Tilghman, Maryland, has anounced through their website their discovery of a new type of screening system for screened porches. The company indicates that customers dissatisfied with or seeking to remodel their current screened in porch, as well as customers looking at screening in a current porch or adding a completely new screened in porch, might all be potentially interested in the new process Sullivan’s team is able to execute.
The first aspect of the new screened-in porch process touted in the company’s announcement is the durability of the result. Sullivan assures potential customers that not only does the new screening system look great, it also maintains its aesthetic and funcitonal quality for a considerable length of time. In order to bolster these claims of durability, the company notes that the screening product they utilize comes with a ten-year warranty from the manufacturer. In reference to the quality of the appearance of their screening systems, Sullivan specifically mentions that their cap system—the materials used to fix the screen to the rest of the porch structure – comes in a variety of colors. In addition to the color variety, Sullivan mentions that their cap system helps to make the process of replacing a panel very simple. This aspect of Sullivan’s screening system may be of particular interest to customers who have experienced damaged panels—which are often difficult to replace—in the past.
The Porches & Patios section of Sullivan’s website also informs potential customers that they offer cable railings. Sullivan specifically expresses the benefits of cable railings for those who utilize their porch to enjoy their waterside view or otherwise enjoy their surroundings. Whereas most porch railing systems block the surrounding view, Sullivan’s cable systems do not. Potential customers are able to, on the company’s website, view examples of porch and patio projects completed by Sullivan Building & Desgin. Many of these images show specific examples of the screening systems and screened-in porch options mentioned above. More details can be found at
Serving Talbot County for over fifteen years, Sullivan Building & Design is a construction, building and design company with 75 years of combined industry experience. The company works with customers at every level of possible project and every stage of a process. Sullivan has experience building new homes, building new additions onto existing homes, installing or replacing doors and windows as well as creating and installing custom cabinetry.

About Company
The company utilizes in-house resources for potential design services as well as experience working with other notable architects and designers. The company ensures hands-on management and facilitation of the projects they take on through any potential circumstances of a construction project. More information about their energy efficient window installation and forms to request a free quote for any type of work can be found on their website, listed below.

Sullivan Building & Design
Address: 21630 Camper Circle, Tilghman, MD 21671
Phone: 410-886-9906


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