Finnish Startup Meetingpackage Soon to Start Operating from London As Well


Meetingpackage, a Finnish startup that help businesses organize businesses at their preferred or chosen venues, recently announced that they are expanding beyond the Finnish mainland and they will soon start operating in the UK as well. Indicating that their UK operations would be controlled mostly from London, one senior executive of Meetingpackage said that they are going to bring customized B2B solutions for businesses based out of the UK, and primarily in London.
Meetingpackage facilitates businesses in comparing the best meeting places and pinning down the best meeting venues. The algorithm-based search engine which the startup has integrated on its website helps business meeting organizers and business executives to use specific filters to find business meeting venues in Finland. Standardized meeting packages as well as hourly meeting packages are offered by the Finnish startup. The owners claimed that they will be operating in London in pretty much the same manner.
“Londoners and UK based business executives can also compare our pricing and different packages, like their Finnish counterparts do here in Finland. We have also a built-in calculator on our website which helps users to check final pricing by adjusting the number of attendees for a business event. Similarly, people can reduce or increase the number of hours and the calculator will come up with a revised prices. So this eliminates the need to call for tenders, which is a time-consuming process in itself. Our B2B services help businesses here in Finland in improving the utilization rate of all sorts of conference activities and improving their overall productivity”, said a senior executive from Meetingpackage.

About Company
The executive told that in London and across the UK, they will be working towards enabling management of complex business events, such as product launch events and business summits. Also, he added that their clients can get a fair idea of the costs associated with the business event management services offered by Meetingpackage.
The Finnish startup has already tied up with an SEO company in Finland, , to promote and optimize their visibility in target market segments.
About the Company
Meetingpackage is a Finnish startup helping businesses with finding venues for their events.
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Ville Kinanen
Company: Hakukonekeisari oy
Phone: +358 50 3655002
Address: Tampere, Pirkanmaa, Finland


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