iFastPCB Offers Now Standard and Complex Rigid Flex PCB Fabrication Services

China – iFastPCB, a well-known PCB manufacturer from China that specializes in PCB prototyping and PCB fabrication, has successfully built its capability to perform all types of PCB fabrication and PCB manufacturing jobs. The owners recently announced at a trade fair that the skilled workforce they have is now completely capable of providing fast PCB fabrication services for all possible kinds of PCBs, including rigid flex PCB products. They maintained that iFastPCB is the fastest growing one-stop solution provider for all sorts of PCB manufacturing jobs.
The manufacturers announced that they can now easily handle single to thirty two layered PCB boards, thanks to the world-class manufacturing facility and equipment that they use. In addition to that, the manufacturers informed that they can now label both standard and complex PCBs according to the requirement of their clients in and around China. iFastPCB is now a proud PCB fabrication and manufacturing partner for several China based military and aerospace manufacturing companies, as well as companies from other sectors. The PCB manufacturer added that their immediate next objective is to promote their rigid flex PCB products and increase the overall export volume for this specific kind of PCB products.
“We conduct a rigorous quality check for all the PCBs we manufacture. Perhaps this is the biggest reason why we received the lowest number of negative feedback in the last quarter of the current financial year. We will put more emphasis on quality assessment and analysis in the coming quarters as well”, said a top executive of iFastPCB at the trade fair, where the newest products from the Chinese domestic market leader caught investor attentions.

About Company
“Each and every step of the PCB manufacturing process is important. We want to create maximum value for our customers and we can go any distance just to ensure that. We also wish to inform our stakeholders and investors that fast PCB fabrication service for rigid flex PCB has already started. We may just deliver finished regular PCB products within 48 hours from the time of ordering. Our PCB manufacturing and fabrication services can be highly instrumental in the R&D process of our clients”, added the executive.
About the Company
iFastPCB is a Chinese domestic market leader and a fast-growing exporter of PCB products.
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 Adress ,Street name  Street name, City, Country  45-B,Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, 4554


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