New55 Film Announces Color Instant Film Campaign

United States
Ashland, Massachusetts – The New55 FILM Project, famous for its instant 4×5 black and white film, announced that it intends to produce an all new color instant film if its new Kickstarter effort is successful. The new color instant film would fill the gap left by industry giant, Fujifilm, after it left that part of the instant film market.
“We are all dedicated members of the photographic community who believe in the true magic and artistic value of analog instant photography. We are not an anonymous corporate entity but rather an entrepreneurial team and small company dedicated to the production of peelapart instant film,” said project CEO Sam Hiser . “The success of this effort will keep this medium alive and thriving for photographers the world over.”
The Project now seeks a funding goal of at least $400,000 at Kickstarter and will use the funds to scale up production. New machines are needed to improve film packet consistency and increase production capacity.
“We don’t have much time to get our first color 4×5 peelapart product up and running before the opportunity is lost forever. With the help of the crowd, together, we can reinvent a new instant color film and keep an important artistic medium alive,” said Mr Hiser.
“We hope all photographers will consider supporting this important chance to keep a valuable instant film alive,” said Project Founder, Bob Crowley.
The Kickstarter campaign is set to run until November 18, 2016. For more information about the Kickstarter campaign visit the link at:

About Company
New55 FILM is looking for all supporters of “analog” photographic film technology to get behind this important and unique effort. In a recent letter, the project founder, Bob Crowley, thanked supporters of the Project’s previous successful Kickstarter effort and urged new people to join in to make instant peelapart photography available to a greater number of people at a lower cost.

Sam Hiser
Company: New55 Holdings, LLC
Phone: (508) 560-0937


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