Conventional Home Buyers Encouraged To Use Unconventional Realtors For Profitable Deals

United States
Phoenix, Arizona – Home buyers across the country looking for that bargain of a lifetime are better off retaining the services of real estate agents who are fix-and-flippers or owners of rental properties.
That opinion is greatly shared by real estate agents, like Phoenix-based realtor Samone Beitler, who specialize in searching for heavily discounted properties. “I am a real estate investor first and realtor second,” she said. “I work with a lot of investors who are partners and/or clients in deals.”
Beitler says an investor-first mentality services clients in much greater fashion for several reasons. She stresses that investors always look to make money on the initial purchase. This may require repairing the home in order to modernized it and bring it to maximum profitability, but Beitler believes the effort is well worth it.
“You can save a lot of money through the initial purchase and rehab of a property. When it’s all said and done, a homeowner could have tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in equity.”
Although these types of deals are few and far between in comparison to homes now available on the retail market, homebuyers willing to exercise patience and persistence can typically get what they want in the end.
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“It isn’t uncommon for real estate investors to acquire properties 25%-50% below retail value. A lot of that legwork in finding those types of deals is typically done by real estate agents who are also purchasing homes at these discounted prices. Unfortunately, this trend in home buying still isn’t catching on with mainstream Americans — despite the rising popularity of fix-and-flip shows.”

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