Soothing Touch Of Turmeric Turns Average Skin Into Stunning Skin

United States

Scottsdale, AZ – It’s spicy but nice for your skin and can do a lot of good over the long haul.
Turmeric is a special ingredient known for its spicy taste in Indian cuisine, but what many may not realize is that it is extremely beneficial in treating skin. “Turmeric has extremely strong antioxidant properties,” said Natalya Borakowsi.
The owner of Desert Bloom Skin Care in Scottsdale, AZ. says this unique spice contains Curcumin, an active compound that can be consumed internally or applied topically to the skin. This substance is used to deliver anti-bacterial and anti-ageing benefits.
“Turmeric is also capable of neutralizing reactive oxygen species or ROS. They are pesky molecules, which are responsible for causing tissue damage and ultimately ageing.” Neutralizing these molecules helps extend the life of human cells and makes skin more resilient to daily wear and tear. People with inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne and Rosacea, can also benefit from using Turmeric.
Although Indian food is known for emitting spicy odors, Turmeric does not have a pungent smell. “It does posses a strong coloring agent and if applied directly to the skin, it would certainly turn the owner of this skin into a oompa loompa.” Curcumin helps to prevent such an inconvenience and is widely used by cosmetic companies since it does not cause skin to change color. There are no side effects from long term usage of Turmeric.
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Desert Bloom Skin Care Center has been serving customers of Phoenix Metro area since 2008. Anyone who has recently moved to Arizona is probably experiencing changes to their skin, sudden breakouts and acne. Severe dryness is very common.
Desert Bloom Skin Care Center uses the newest equipment and most advanced professional lines to address needs of absolutely any client. Microdermabrasion, oxygen facial, customized organic facial and chemical peel are some available options. For more information, log onto

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