Chandrayaan-2 landing: Still There is Hope – Public Opinion

According to Ashok Seth, comment, No news is still good news! Let’s not jump to any conclusions as yet until we know for sure one way or the other. Maybe the Lander has landed and maybe. communication can still be restored. Keep your chin up and even if there was a definitive failure, try and try again. Nasa, Russia, China, European Space Agency and Israel have all failed at first attempts.Apollo 1 and the two space shuttles ended in disasters taking our Kalpana Chawla’s life together with other Astronauts. Boeing after having built so many aircrafts can still not fix the problem with Boeing 737 Max planes and two of them ended in firey crashes.Ad PM Modi said we are Indians and there is victory after every defeat. Look on the bright side and carry on with your endeavours with determination until you succeed next time. (

Best Solution Suggested by Sankaravelayudhan Nandakumar Nandakumar The possibility of signal varing possibility in correcting default computerisation involves for signal breaking by photon reversal dynamics as a kind of time reversal by producing two types of gauge field that may affect geometry phases of optical waves by reversing the polarisation in repeated reversals a possibility may also be evaluated on signal failures at a distance by interference by initiating interfrerence in opposite polarsation dynamics for which a protective shield must be involved.It may be a better idea involving invisble clocking screening in case of any attempts made Bohm-Abhor dynamics.
Many have appreciated but few have also justified by saying, “To all the idiots blaming our scientists, let me tell you this : Atleast our craft is ON the moon. Most countries havent even been able to enter into orbit. None of the developed nations succeeded in their first try”.

Some have blamed PM Modi, for sitting and disturbing scientists at the very last movement. “Why Modi has to go there to mission control to make scientists nervous? Do you think American president will go watch anything?! I just hate these type of politicization of anything. Here the top personnel who were needed for the final moments were busy with Modi explaining him why Moon is so dark and why we chose the southern pole to land. Due to elliptical orbit we can get satellite to near moon but soft landing is all another level. Sudden deceleration meant they used up a lot of fuel and needed a lot more for the next maneuvers. Were we using just India based control stations or had one from Fijian islands etc? Why lost communication at that height? How much fuel left? Many questions to be answered. Next time Isro must ban any politicians coming to mission control”.

Many interesting conversations went on various platforms. But these are the important comments. Thousands of people appreciated ISRO Scientists for their endeavours. Overall it is positive.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again , this time more intelligently. Never give up ISRO we are with you! Remember you guys are amazing!

Proud of ISRO. My wish if there were any possibility of taking 2 virkam lander. We always love our ISRO. We believe soon you will achieve sir.

Chandrayan 2 is not a failure but a stepping stone towards success. Congratulations to all the Scientists of ISRO for your untiring efforts. Continue your efforts and we’re always with you.👍

We are proud of our scientists .Despite with biased sanctions we have reached so far on our own. Time in very near when we would find many of the developed nation scientist coming for internship to us

The way pm consoled isro chief was like mother consoling a child who didn’t get desired results after putting in hardwork n tough preparation.she understands him so well and says whatever happens i am always with you. A great humanbeing. A great motivator who speaks from his bottom of his heart.Salute you and thank u beloved pm your words n actions means a lot to us.

we proud our isro scientists and don’t be sad indians there are plenty of other missions to come ,,,with in 24 mouths we indians r in space gaganyaan is coming soon jai hind.

(Rakesh Kumar) I am ecstatically delighted and disproportionately bewildered with enormous gratification and appreciation for the dispensation of such a tendering and mesmerizing information in which the prestidigitation of the concurrent and subsequent matter is thoroughly demonstrated through the nuances alluding to literal and metaphorical context. It is highly imperative to note that, such is the significance of the aforementioned, distortion in any shape or form will result in catastrophic ramifications to which will be the outcome of epic proportions. Thanks for your perusal.

All of those hardworking people have made the country proud already…its just a step back to be jump further ahead next time…

@PMModi sir this encouragement and support is all they need 🙏 thanks a lot for going there …being with them…and giving this motivational speech. You are a true gem this country has.

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